7 Year Itch


Who would not like this hilarious comedy? A married man has to decide whether to spend the summer with beautiful Marilyn Monroe or be a faithful husband and ignore her seductive spell. They have a number of outstanding scenes including Marilyn having her skirt blowing over a subway vent. Director Billy Wilder, who recently passed away, said they had men fighting over who was going to run the fan under the vent. This movie is a scream with Tom Ewell's amazing imagination thinking that his wife is going to come bursting in on him with a gun, because there is a strange blonde in the shower. Also, his best friend making love to his wife on a hay ride, I thought of everything, even the horses are wearing blinkers.'

I have a number of roles that I would like to play, these incliude Lina Lamont in 'Singing in the Rain' and Ewell's wife in '7 Year Itch' as well as Marilyn's role.

Many people view Marilyn Monroe to be the first dumb blonde, but this is not true for sevral reasons. First Jean Harlow was there first, and I do not consider Marilyn to be a dumb blonde. True, she is dumb and very good at it, but one thing I love about Monroe is that she seems to be wearing a mask and she is never really dumb at all.

One of the many things I have learned over the past few years is that Marilyn's famous beauty mark is a fake. I have compared several pictures of her, and in some it is on the left cheek and some the right and in some it is not there at all. That bit of info shocked me. Also there are rumors that Marilyn has six toes on one of her feet but I have seen pictures of her naked feet and there is NO sixth toe. 'Seven Year Itch' is truly a classic and it is one of my all time favorite movies. Long live Marilyn Monroe!

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"The Seven Year Itch" is showing at the North Carolina Museum of Art on August 2, 2002.