Fall Films 2009

As we all struggle with the financial downturn, the NCMA says: Get Rich Quick! A swift pay off, a meticulously planned heist, a stock market swindle, hey, we’ve got options! During museum construction, the Fall and Winter Film Series will temporarily relocate to the Galaxy Cinema in Cary, NC, every other Thursday evenings, at an earlier time, 7:30. All Fall films will be introduced by NCMA Film Curator Laura Boyes. Yummy concessions (coffee drinks, cookies, candy, sodas, beer and wine, and the best popcorn) loads of free parking, the same NCMA admission price ($5.00/$3.50 members) comfy seats and the Galaxy’s giant screen and superb sound system, make this a win-win. Please join us for Museum on the Move.

October 8:

The Lady From Shanghai (1947) Written, directed by and starring Orson Welles, with Rita Hayworth, Everett Sloane (87 min).

“It’s a bright, guilty world.” What would you do for $5000? Drifter Michael O’Hara becomes entangled in the sticky web of an unscrupulous lawyer and his restless wife (Welles soon-to-be ex, Rita Hayworth). Every luscious shot of this creepy film noir is bound to pulsate on the Galaxy’s giant screen. Film Notes for The Lady From Shanghai.

October 22:

Topkapi (1964) Directed by Jules Dassin. Melina Mercouri, Maximilian Schell, Robert Morley, Peter Ustinov (119 min).

An emerald studded dagger in an Istanbul palace museum proves an overwhelming temptation for a sultry jewel thief (Mercouri, Mrs. Dassin). This frothy yet suspenseful caper, shimmering with 1960s glam and skillfully adapted from Eric Ambler’s novel, has inspired countless imitations. Ustinov won an Oscar for his jittery conspirator. Film Notes for Topkapi.

November 5:

How to Beat the High Co$t of Living (1980) Directed by Robert Scheerer. Jane Curtin, Susan St. James, Jessica Lange. (105 min).

Three desperate housewives, needing cash, plot to loot the local shopping mall. The scheme is clever and believably low tech (no laser alarms) as the ladies, empowered by the stirrings of 2nd wave feminism, harness their domestic skills to vanquish their piggish mates. Once tepidly reviewed, it’s now a cult favorite. Film Notes for How to Beat...

November 19:

Wall Street (1987) Written and directed by Oliver Stone. Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Darryl Hannah, Martin Sheen (125 min).

A hungry young stockbroker stalks Gordon Gekko, amoral high finance demon, who believes, famously, “Greed is good.” Ambitious Bud Fox must choose between his good father and his bad father (Oscar winner Douglas) clawing his way up to a heady financial pinnacle. But, what is the bond rating on his soul? Film Notes for Wall Street.